I’m not a professional photographer. I’m utterly  an amateur photographer and I’m just keen on taking photos. Recently I don’t have enough time to spend as much as I want but it doesn’t abate my love for it. I don’t have any great achievements (except for some small local competitions) but I’m not eager to take part in any tournaments.

What am I interested in? Architecture, family (of course:) and nature. Some time ago when I had more time I liked to photograph Szczecin and its surroundings. Now, I take pictures of my children first of all. I reckon this topic is incredibly interesting and my kids are just great models.

What about my equipment? I’ve used different cameras so far. I took my first black and white picture when I was 7 or 8. with my dad’s SMIENA 8 camera. My digital story started with Canon Powershot A510 which was the first digital camera I used everyday. Then I purchased Panasonic FZ7 (great zoom!), Olympus E510 (my first DSLR), Kodak Zi8 (very handy and unusual camera that time), Panasonic LX5 (in my opinion, one of the best compact cameras ever) and now I’m using Canon EOS60D with two different lenses (by Canon and Zeiss) and…my Samsung Galaxy S4 which is equipped with a great quality and extremely convenient camera.

I’m going to show you some of my photos. For obvious reasons I’m not going to publish my very private pics. I hope everyone understands it.

Remember! All of the photographs presented here were taken by myself and that’s why you are not allowed to use them in any way without my permission.